WHAT IS IT? A public water fountain was being installed Tuesday morning in a public area overseen by the Parks and Recreation Department on North Main Street in Hannibal.

A public area on North Main Street in downtown Hannibal will soon have an operational water fountain.

“It was part of the project we got approval for last year. Most of the work is done. The drinking fountain is going in now,” said Andy Dorian, director of the Hannibal Parks and Recreation Department. “The planter boxes that are on the sides are also going to have water-sprinkling systems so we can plant flowers and trees.”

Care was taken when selecting the water fountain, according to Dorian.

“We did a lot research to try to find a fountain that fit in with the historic aspect of downtown. We didn’t want to put a modern-looking fountain down there,” he said.

The water fountain will meet a public need.

“That’s something the Tourism Department and city has heard. I don’t know that there was a public water fountain (in the vicinity). This is the only one I’m aware of in that area, so it will be nice to have available on hot days,” said Dorian.