WHAT IS IT? A section of old sidewalk at Center and Main streets in downtown Hannibal was being replaced on Monday in Hannibal. Work in that area includes the replacement of an inlet cap.

Thought replacement of sidewalk in the historic district of Hannibal was done? Not yet. On Monday, Bleigh Construction personnel could be found working near the intersection of Center and North Main streets.

“It’s just a small piece of concrete sidewalk that we had to remove this morning to actually put the rest of the sidewalk in. It was part of the project,” said Brian Chaplin, project manager for the city. “We skipped it as we were putting the sidewalk through to speed up the progress of getting the main line of the sidewalk done first.”

The work will include the replacing of an old water inlet cap that was crumbling.

The timing of the work is ideal, according to Chaplin.

“It gave them (Bleigh Construction) something to do the rest of the week because I’m not going to tear any more intersections out until next week, after the car show,” said Chaplin, referring to Saturday’s annual Loafers Car Club show.

Chaplin anticipates the work being wrapped up “easily” by Thursday.