WHAT IS IT? A worker with Bleigh Construction could be found sawing the pavement of North Main Street in Hannibal on Monday. It was an initial step to installing decorative crosswalks along North Main.

A segment of North Main Street in Hannibal, between North and Hill streets, was closed to traffic Monday as the process of installing new decorative crosswalks got underway.

“It’s part of the project we didn’t get to finish last year,” said Brian Chaplin, city project manager.

According to Chaplin, the crosswalks will feature stamped, red brick patterns at each intersection along North Main Street.

“It’s something new that we’re doing,” said Chaplin. “We want to get one in and see how long it takes.”

The initial crosswalk will be installed at North and Main.

“Then we’re going to jump over and do Broadway and Main,” said Chaplin. “Then we’ll see where we’re at with these (upcoming) festivals. We’ll keep continuing as the days go on and get the rest of them put in.”

Monday’s damp weather did not hinder work.

“They’re using wet saws and wet saws do take a lot of water to keep the dust down and with the rain we got I think it’s helped us out in that area,” said Chaplin.