The Ilasco jail in Ilasco, Mo., is more than 100 years old and through neglect and abuse it is beginning to deteriorate. Efforts are under way to preserve this important structure in Ilasco.
In the early part of the 20th century, Ilasco was the largest town in Ralls County and had several saloons. After a hard day of often dangerous work, disturbing the peace was not uncommon. The sheriff might arrest the offender, but transportation for an overnight stay in the New London jail was a problem, so the county built the concrete Ilasco jail in 1909.
As a fundraiser to preserve the jail, the Ilasco Area Historical Preservation Society is offering a color print of the Ilasco Monuments by well known Missouri artist, John Stoeckley. The prints come in two sizes and framed or unframed. Shipping is included in the prices. The large framed 16x20 print is $149.70; the framed 11x14 print is $78.60. The 16x20 unframed is $70.50 and unframed 11x14 is $36.10.
To make a donation, place an order or for more information, contact Jacky Imhof at (573) 248-0306, or David Polc at (573) 248-1216, or mail a check and request to: Ilasco Area Historical Preservation Society, c/o Jacky Imhof, 3310 Deerfield Road, Hannibal, MO 63401.