The Hannibal Chamber of Commerce today, March 22, announced the 24 semi-finalists for its 2014-2015 Tom and Becky Program.

The Hannibal Chamber of Commerce today, March 22,  announced the 24 semi-finalists for its 2014-2015 Tom and Becky Program.

Melissa Cummins, Tom and Becky coordinator; and Makenzie Disselhorst, executive director of the Chamber, reported these 12 boys and 12 girls will continue in the next round of judging for the new Tom and Becky, Hannibal's Goodwill Ambassadors. The 10 finalists will be selected later.

Tom candidates are:

• Jacob Begley, son of Caleb and Jeannette Begley

• Tanner Branham, son of Mark and Gina Branham

• Conner Bross, son of Mike and Kim Bross

• Danny Colborn, son of Donald and Lori Colborn

• Nick Lickfeld, son of Mark and Darla Lickfeld

• Mason Jones, son of Charles and Joelle Jones

• Alec Mundle, son of Blane and Michele Mundle

• John Maune, son of Neil and Christina Maune

• Drake Robertson, son of Tim and Stacie Robertson

• Jordan Schafer, son of Joshua and J’Nelle Schafer

• Tyler Stevenson, son of Kevin and Rhonda Stevenson

• Jace Tischer, son of Darell and Lori Tischer

Becky candidates are:

• Hallie Altheide, daughter of Craig and Frannie Altheide

• Alyssa Barnes, daughter of Johnathan and Rhonda Barnes

• Danielle Behl, daughter of Danny and LaRhonda Behl

• Laci Cook, daughter of Ernie Cook and Michelle Gallaher

• Yudsara Corredor, daughter of Kevin and Sandra Johnson

• Lillie Ford, daughter of Chad and Leigh Ford

• Chloe Mitchell-Lemon, daughter of James and Anna Lemon

• Bailey Meyer, daughter of Kurt and Shannan Meyer

• Kelsey Nichelson, daughter of Harry and Carol Nichelson

• Riley Stevenson, daughter of Kevin and Rhonda Stevenson

• Kadie Stroud, daughter of Christopher and Kelly Stroud

• Claire Thomas, daughter of David and Rebecca Thomas

These 24 were among Hannibal area seventh graders who presented speeches to a panel of seven judges at the Hannibal Middle School on Friday, March 21.

The semi-finalists will next prepare for the test portion of the selection process, which includes questions about Mark Twain and Hannibal. It will be in April.

Following the tests, 10-minute interviews before a panel of Chamber members familiar with the Tom & Becky Program and the tourist industry will be conducted, narrowing the field to five boys and five girls.

A two day orientation for the finalists is planned in June, and final judging will be held on July 3 by three out-of-town judges.

The announcement of the new Tom and Becky will be made immediately after the parade on the Fourth of July in Central Park.

The 2013-2014 official Tom and Becky are Nathan Lewton and Ashlyn Nichols. The alternates, who have also served with them, are Keaton Bartz, Cooper Lewis, Ayden Nichols, John Tanner, Emilee Carleton, Olivia Clark, Hannah Laws and Shelbie Mays.