Looking for a new house to call home? The Hannibal public school district may have just what you’re looking for.

Looking for a new house to call home? The Hannibal public school district may have just what you’re looking for.

The 1,790 square foot house, constructed over the past two years by students in the Hannibal Career and Technical Center’s Building Trades program, is located at 5671 County Road 441 in the Clear Creek Subdivision.

Thus far no bids have been received for the split-level house, which features three bedrooms, three baths (two upstairs), a downstairs bathroom-laundry room combination, and a basement garage.

“I’m a little bit surprised,” said Rich Stilley, business manager for the school district. “It’s a beautiful home. I expect to get a bid in the very near future. I’d be surprised if we didn’t.”

“Yes and no,” said Roger McGregor, director of the HCTC, when asked if the lack of bids shocked him. “The real estate market has been up and down. We’d hoped to get bids. I know our students produce a good product. It’s appraised very well.”

The structure’s appraised value is $193,000.

“Sometimes we receive five bids and some years we’ll get just one bid,” said McGregor. “I know location plays into it. A lot of it depends on what people are looking for.”

The school district has ramped up its efforts to promote the house’s availability, according to Stilley. Another ad will be appearing in the Hannibal Courier-Post. Photos of the house can be seen on the school district’s website. Additionally, “for sale” signs are now posted in front of the house.

“We’ll keep advertising until we receive a bid and it’s sold,” said Stilley.

This is not the first time that a Building Trades house has not drawn a bid initially.

“We’ve sat on one for a year before,” said Stilley.

“The house we sold two years ago didn’t sell until March or April,” said McGregor.

McGregor added that the earlier a house is sold, the more voice that the homeowners have in how their new residence is completed on the interior.

The initial bid deadline came and went on Feb. 19 without any offers. The new deadline is 1 p.m. on Tuesday, March 18.

“If we receive no bids, we’ll probably do it again (accept bids) before the April school board meeting,” McGregor.

According to McGregor, it’s up to the Board of Education to make a “bid versus cost” determination.

“Most have sold close to their appraised value, although we’ve had some sell above the appraised value,” he said.


Program change


In recent years, the Building Trades program has been completing a house every two years, rather than annually.

“It used to be they’d get it finished the end of May or first of June, then we’d try to have an open house in May,” said McGregor.

The change has proven beneficial.

“It’s been very positive for the program and the house,” said McGregor. “There were five to 10 days this winter when the kids couldn’t work because of snow. This (one house evert two years) gives them the opportunity to not have to rush to get it done.

“The change has also provided more time to teach techniques in the shop area, rather than on the finished product.”

“It allows kids to get more in-depth training in a multitude of trades,” added Stilley.

McGregor estimates that over the past two years from 40 to 50 students have worked on the house.

“Some are only working on the end phase as juniors, just as some seniors only got to work on it (current house) last year. There are some who have been working on it for two years,” he said.