The saga of Roy, the gray squirrel, began when he was displaced from his nest in the walls of Big Creek Presbyterian Church in April 2012, and transplanted to a nurturing environment of a backyard lush with trees, just off of Route MM.
The Courier-Post told the story of Roy, and his ill-fated sister, Joy, in June 2013. Bill and Sally Bouyea adopted the two squirrels, and nursed them until they were able to fend for themselves.
Joy lost her life to a passing vehicle, but Roy - well - he stayed around to enjoy the good life, you might say.
Sally Bouyea cracks pecans and peanuts for the adopted gray squirrel, while feeding sunflower seeds to the numerous red squirrels that frequent her backyard.
All went well with Roy, until last September. Bill and Sally Bouyea took a trip to Niagara Falls, and when they returned, Roy was nowhere to be found.
As days and weeks passed, Sally reluctantly concluded that Roy had met a perilous fate.
That is, until last Saturday morning. Bill called out to Sally, who was still dressed in her robe. “I think Roy’s back,” Bill said. Sally stepped into a pair of muddy boots by the door and went outside. “I was a site to behold in a housecoat and muddy boots,” she said.
“I got some cracked pecans to take to him. ‘I’ll bet that’s not Roy,’ I told Bill. Then I said ‘Come Roy,’ and that rascal came running. He started to eat out of my hand like if he’d just been there the day before. My heart just jumped up in my throat.”
Sally is certain that this squirrel is Roy. “He has a little grunting sound he makes when he eats. I stand there and talk to him, and he talks to me.
“Roy comes bouncing to me when I come outside. The red squirrels run away when I come out.”

A year ago, the Bouyeas had 22 trees in their back yard, but that number has been reduced to two, thanks to the storm that passed through Hannibal on May 20, 2013.
“I still go out everyday and put out food for the squirrels,” Sally said.