WHAT IS IT? Despite windy conditions, work was underway Friday at the bandstand in Central Park in Hannibal. The roof of the structure was damaged in the May 20 storm.

Eight months after a damaging storm roared through Hannibal, damage is still being repaired. On Friday, roof damage was being fixed on the Central Park bandstand.
“With everything getting cleared through the insurance, we finally got a company to come in and get it repaired. Of course by the time that happened, it’s winter time and it’s bad weather, but they’re toughing it out and are trying to redo the roof on the bandstand across from city hall,” said Brian Chaplin, project manager for the city.
Delaying repairs was the fact the roof tiles are not readily accessible.
“They are specially made clay tiles that are not kept in stock,” said Chaplin.
The damage was caused when a large limb fell on the bandstand, according to Andy Dorian, director of the Parks Department.
“When it crashed onto the bandstand it broke a bunch of (roof) tiles and knocked some of the underside of the bandstand out,” he said. “It was more of an aesthetics thing now, but it would have led to a leaking problem fairly soon, so we knew we had to get to it.”
The cost of the work is $11,872.
“Luckily our insurance is going to cover the cost of the damage,” said Dorian.
The repairs are being performed by Do It Rite Construction of St. Louis.
The repairs are expected to be completed by midday Monday, according to Chaplin.
“It will be nice to get it back to where it was,” said Dorian.
The damaged bandstand was just one of several insurance claims the city submitted following the May 20 storm.
“It did take a while to get things going with some of these projects, but that’s just the way it happens,” said Chaplin.