Tremendously exciting news-- to me, anyway. I registered for the Jan 23 Missouri Transportation Conference and the Mar 3-5 National Bike Summit!

This month, I registered for two conferences. The first is the Missouri Transportation Conference on Jan 23 in Jefferson City. I can't describe how excited I am about this.

I mean that, literally. I'm looking at the agenda right now racking my brain trying to think how I can describe this so you will understand why I'm excited.

"A Vision for Missouri's Transportation Future" by Ed Hassinger, MoDOT Chief Engineer
Transportation in the Missouri Legislature
Transportation in Washington, D.C.
Transportation and the Economy
"The Stark Reality of the Road Ahead" by Dave Nichols, MoDOT Director
Freight Movement in Missouri and the US (ok, I'll give you this one. That really does sound boring.)
Missourians for Safe Transportation and New Jobs (this has to do with the proposed MoDOT 1% sales tax)

You see my problem? I've got good reasons to be interested in each of these presentations, but I don't know how to impart my passion to you. Perhaps after the fact I'll be able to describe the event with action verbs and juicy adjectives.

I'm excited about the conference, so let's just leave it at that.

The other conference I registered for is the National Bike Summit. Hundreds of bicyclists converge on Washington, D.C. March 3-5 to lobby for better bicycling. I've wanted to attend this for years, but this is the first year I've been able to. I'm pretty sure won't be marching with signs shouting rhyming slogans on the White House lawn, but wouldn't that be fun? "WE LIKE BIKES!"

At the National Bike Summit Women's Forum, I'll hear from the president of the National Organization for Women, Terry O'Neill.
The author of a well known transportation blog, Streetsblog, will conduct a workshop on "Beating Back the Bikelash" (the inevitable backlash that occurs when complacent motorists notice more bicyclists on the roads).
I'm not only meeting the president of the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, she is generously hosting me!
My most valuable activity will be meeting with my senators and representatives or their staff. Our transportation bill, MAP-21, expires this year, and Senator McCaskill is on the Senate transportation committee.
There will be bicycling involved, no matter what the weather is like in early March in D.C. There are miles of new bike lanes and a bike-share program to try out.
Maybe I'll even see a celebrity, like Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx or his predecessor Ray LaHood.

Oh. You say this doesn't sound any more exciting than the Transportation Conference? Maybe I didn't use enough action verbs and juicy adjectives.

Well, I'm excited about the National Bike Summit, so let's just leave it at that.