Sunday’s spring-like weather brought out many Hannibalians.

 Sunday’s spring-like weather brought out many Hannibalians.

Some drove to the Mississippi riverfront, and a large number of children and teens were enjoying the playground equipment in the nearby Kiwanis Park.

Most were very happy to have such a big change in the temperature, which was below zero just a week ago and in the 50s Sunday, Jan. 12.

One family, however, said they love the cold weather. Dinah and Jason Gipson relocated in Hannibal six years ago after spending their entire lives in Phoenix, Ariz.

“I love it,” Dinah said about the Missouri climate. “Arizona is too hot and too dry. And you get your four seasons.

“They call me crazy,” she continued. “I wear shorts and sandals in the snow.”

Jason agreed about Hannibal’s climate. “I like the green and the seasons changing. It’s just a lot prettier than Arizona.”

Dinah was taking pictures of the ice on the river Sunday, and she will send them to her parents, who are still in Arizona. Her mother plans to move to Hannibal soon.

Their children, Destany, a fifth grader, and Kyle, a third grader at Stowell Elementary School, were throwing ice balls into the river, along with their friend, Dottie Franklin, a fifth grader at Eugene Field Elementary School.

The weather is not the only advantage the Gipsons have discovered in Hannibal, Dinah said. “The school is a lot better here. Their levels have gone way up.

“Hannibal is a better place to raise your kids, if you don’t want violence and gangs,” Dinah added.

Jason joked, “It’s a lot like Mayberry,” then explained, “We moved here for a change of life.”

Why did they come to Hannibal? “We have mutual friends, here,’ Jason said. They are Shannon and Shawna Emerson.