WHAT IS IT? Hannibal Board of Public Works personnel were digging on the eastern end of Broadway on Monday morning. Their jackhammering was an initial step in fixing a water main break.

Monday morning featured the sound of jackhammering in downtown Hannibal. The work was focused just east of the flood wall where Board of Public Works peronnel were working on Broadway where a water main had broken.
It was not the first main BPW crews have dealt with recently, according to Gene Majors, water distribution superintendent for the BPW.
"We've had numerous breaks around town," he said. "Usually what we're having are a lot of bigger mains freezing and breaking. The ground is actually shifting and that's caused us to get breaks."
Repair of the downtown break was expected to wrap up in a day.
"It's a small break in the main and it was leaking into the storm sewer," said Majors.
Because of the leak's location, Majors says the BPW was lucky someone heard the water.
"They are harder to find when you get areas where it runs into a storm sewer, breaks into a sanitary sewer or underground caverns," he said.