The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office contacted the Sheriff of Lincoln County Friday afternoon after experiencing a sewage backup within the jail. Montgomery Sheriff officials stated their jail was flooding, causing sewage to rise within their confined areas and requested Lincoln County Jail house their prisoners until they could fix the problem. Unable to transport 41 prisoners from Montgomery County, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reached out to several local businesses who collectively own an old school bus to transport the inmates. Montgomery County Corrections Officers assisted in the transportation of inmates. “I thank Sheriff Robert Davis for calling my office and entrusting us with his inmates during their time of need. In addition, I would like to thank Coastal Carriers, Flynn Drilling, M&D Concrete, Black and Associates and Swift Appraisals for loaning the Sheriff’s Office their bus to transport the inmates. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office will continue to work cooperatively with law enforcement agencies during the good and difficulty times,” said Sheriff Cottle. Inmates will stay at the Lincoln County Jail until repairs are made and the cleanup is done to the Montgomery County facility, which is expected to be two or three days.