On this cold, snowy day, would you help me with this project I've been stressing over all afternoon? This is a picture of the teachers at Hannibal's Central School, located at 824 Center Street, in May 1911. I have the names of the teachers from the city directory, but I don't know who is who. Here is what I have, the teachers with their ages from the 1910 census, when available: Mabel Bowles, 23; Bessie Henderson, 23; Ann Conn, 24, (who later married A.G. Croll); Frieda E. Kilian, 31 (who would later marry Alexander K. Love); Anna McCarty, 34; Alice McKennie 25; Virginia Herrick, 48; and Martha R. Ray, 52, principal. Other teachers with no age known, Mary E. Givan, Druna Hiatt, Althea Miller, Irene B. Wood; Agnes Matthews; and Virginia Carter. If you can help me identify even one teacher, I would be very appreciative. Mary Lou Montgomery marylou.montgomery@courierpost.com