As of Wednesday evening, Ronald L. Johnston,  819 Park Ave., Hannibal (born 1951) was being held in the Pike County Jail at Bowling Green on a 24-hour hold.
Johnston is the suspected subject of a police chase that took place between 8 and 9 p.m. Tuesday, which encompassed both Hannibal in Marion County, and Center and New London in Ralls County.
The chase began in Hannibal. Johnston, driving a white Lincoln Towncar, is accused of running over “stop sticks” put in place by Hannibal police. After this incident, a pursuit began, with the suspect and police heading south into Ralls County. Police reported the car was only going 45 mph, but it was weaving on and off the road on Route T.
As reported in Wednesday’s edition, a Ralls County deputy caught up with the vehicle at Scott’s Lane, but the deputy reported the vehicle kept on going, despite damaged tires.
The Missouri Highway Patrol and Ralls County deputies joined the chase, with Sheriff Gary Dinwiddie reporting the vehicle driving on Route V into New London, onto Main Street, then south to Route 19 and on toward Center.
Dinwiddie said that the suspect stopped at the four way stop in Center, where stop sticks were in place, then he started going again, this time hitting the back of a law enforcement vehicle.
“He drove four more miles with his tires flat - running on the rims, until the car wouldn’t run.
“He got out of the car and was arrested,” Dinwiddie said.
Five Ralls County deputies were involved in the chase.
Sheriff Dinwiddie reported that the suspect did have injuries, but that it was uncertain when the injuries occured. Johnston was taken to Hannibal Regional Hospital by ambulance.
A warrant was issued by Ralls County Prosecuting Attorney Rodney J. Rodenbaugh.
Johnston is charged with assault/attempted assault  with a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument, a Class B felony.
He is also charged with resisting or interfering with an arrest, detention or stop, a Class A misdemeanor.
In a previous case, Johnston also faces charges in Monroe County for DWI, alcohol, aggravated offender, a Class C felony. On this charge he was arrested by the Monroe City Police. He posted a surety bond in the amount of $5,000 on the Monroe County charge.