The countdown until mid-term graduation at Hannibal High School is one day less than in past years.

The countdown until mid-term graduation at Hannibal High School is one day less than in past years. During Wednesday night's Board of Education meeting it was reported that this year's graduation will take place on a Thursday night, rather than on Friday.
"We just feel like we'd have more participation by families because Friday is the last day of school and people go out of town. We think Thursday night will be more conducive," said Superintendent Jill Janes.
This year's mid-term event will begin at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 19. The program will continue to take place in the HHS auditorium.
While the number of mid-term graduates doesn't rival the spring total, it is still significant.
"We average between 40 and 50 a year," said Janes. "I think it's a good advantage for the kids if they can get started on their education or work just a little bit quicker. It works out well for the students."
The school district attempts to provide the seniors leaving early a memorable graduation ceremony.
"They've worked hard and we want them to have the same opportunity that the end-of-the-year graduates have," said Janes.
In other business:
• Eugene Field Elementary School representatives in attendance were saluted with a standing ovation for receiving a Title School Progress Reward after notching three years of continuous growth in communication arts and math during MAP testing.
• Susan Johnson, assistant superintendent, expressed satisfaction with the participation for parent-teacher conferences. She noted that Eugene Field had student-led conferences for the first time.
• It was noted that the Hannibal Career and Technical Center has purchased 25 new computers. That has allowed 25 older computers to be distributed to other schools.
• Rich Stilley, business manager, told the Board that a KeyScan system will be installed at the high school's cafeteria doors. The preliminary work is finished and the district is now awaiting materials to arrive for final installation.
• Paul Richards was on hand to provide an overview of the district audit. The audit was approved.
• A Professional Development plan was approved.
• Administrators were given permission to explore the level of interest in the district's Early Separation Program. An update, including the potential benefits for the districts, will be provided the Board early in 2014.
• The filing period for three school board seats will begin at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 17, and close at 5 p.m. on Jan. 21. Filings will be accepted at the district's Administrative Offices, 4650 McMaster's Avenue.
The Board slots held by Michael Holliday, Erik Gottman and Mark Bross are up for election.
• Approval was given to seek membership in the Buy Board Cooperative Purchasing Group.
• Permission was granted to seek bids for three new school buses plus lease financing.