It has been more than two months since the body of a young woman was discovered along the banks of the Mississippi River just south of Hannibal.
Marion County Sheriff Jimmy Shinn said law enforcement is no closer to identifying who the woman is than they were on Thursday, Sept. 29, when he held a press conference in Hannibal asking for clues from the public.
“We have listed her on the National Registry of Missing Persons, her DNA is in every DNA data base, her profile is on missing person data bases,” Shinn said this week.
“No information whatsoever has come in, which is very strange.”
He doesn’t believe the woman was a transient, because she has had a recent medical procedure, has had work on her teeth, and her eyebrows were recently  manicured.
He does believe, based upon information that has been gathered, that the woman toured the Mark Twain Cave two days before her body was found.
His department subpoenaed receipts from the cave, and law enforcement has reviewed bank statements and credit card receipts.
But so far, clues have not lead to an identity.
“Somebody is missing her, which leads us to believe she’s not from this area. There is a possibility of her being an illegal immigrant,” Shinn said.
He that the jeans she was wearing, size 13-14, were from a JC Penney store, but not necessarily the Hannibal store.
The body remains at the medical examiner’s office in Columbia, where they are doing a reconstruction of her face. “We will have a pretty good picture to get out to the media,” Shinn said.
In the meantime, a local cemetery has offered to donate a plot, and a service will be conducted at a later date.
“It is frustrating and sad,” Shinn said.