Fall is a beautiful time to explore the Boonslick.

I’m back! While out on leave, I had a nice opportunity to really enjoy Boonville and central Missouri during the fall (in my opinion the best season) and it was totally awesome! I am sure there will still be a few nice weekends, so here were a couple highlights that I would recommend before winter sets in:

Go and enjoy the Katy Trail and Rolling Hills park- hunting for Osage Apples, birds, and the most beautiful fall leaves (my girls love nature hunts). Not only is this good for you, but walking on the Katy Trail will give you a greater appreciation for just how many bicyclists enjoy the Katy Trail and in turn how many stop in Boonville to enjoy our shopping, lodging and restaurants.

Rediscover Downtown Boonville shopping! One Friday when both girls were in school, I strapped Baby B in the carrier and simply browsed our shops. I rarely have hours of uninterrupted time these days, so I really enjoyed seeing everything the stores had to offer. This year we have several new shops and restaurants open and established businesses expand their offerings; it was really great to explore all this. If you need to schedule some shopping in, be sure to get out on November 30th which is the National Shop Small day.

Finally, eat local! Like I said earlier, there are some new and expanded restaurants in town- it is well worth checking them out. Ryan found his new favorite breakfast location in town where he can get his fix of biscuits and gravy and I found some delicious crab cakes! The great thing about nearly all of our restaurants, is that they don’t mind too much if you linger over a cup a coffee (or other beverage of your choice)- they can be a great place to have some good conversation with an old friend, neighbor or your significant other.

I want to close by giving a huge heartfelt thanks to Sherry for filling in for me while I was gone. I hope everyone has had a chance to have a co-worker who is willing to step up and do pretty much whatever needs to be done. I feel quite lucky to have Sherry working with me; I certainly wouldn’t be able to do all the stuff we do without her- so thank you, thank you, thank you Sherry!

Get out and enjoy the best of the Boonslick- eat, shop and explore- we have some amazing stuff in our backyard! Shop Local, Play Local and Go Boonville!