The Hannibal public school district's ongoing efforts to tighten security will impact around 900 Ward 1 voters, who on Tuesday will cast their ballots at the Marion County 911 building on north U.S. 61.
According to Valerie Dornberger, Marion County clerk, the school district's request came in the wake of the December 14, 2012, shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., which took the lives of 20 children and six adults.
"I understand it," said Dornberger when asked about the school district's request. "They've got to have a concern for the students and staff. We were more than happy to comply. We wouldn't want any issue with security."
Options for a replacement polling place were limited.
"There weren't a lot of locations to go because most of them are businesses. And when you have 900 voters coming in parking becomes an issue, plus you have to be handicap accessible. We were pretty limited," said Dornberger. "We considered talking to the college (HLGU), but there has also been shootings at colleges so we thought maybe to not go there, either.
"When 911 stepped forward and offered to let us move there at no charge, we were more than happy to take it. Hopefully the voters will like it. It's going to be a nice facility for them."
Voters being moved are located in the First Ward, First Precinct, which roughly includes everything north of Palmyra Road and east of U.S. 61 in the city's northeast corner, according to the county clerk.
Impacted voters have already been notified by letter. They've also received a new voter card, which lists the new polling place.
On election day, signs will be put up in the area to help guide voters to 911 headquarters.
"We'll have it marked for them," said Dornberger.