Like countless parents around the country, Amber Dolbeare of New London took her children trick or treating Thursday night. Dolbeare claims her youngsters were given candy containing poison during one of their stops in Hannibal.
Dolbeare didn’t pay much attention to the candy her youngsters had been given until her son brought to her a Snickers bar that he had just bitten into. Hanging out of the candy bar was a light green pellet, approximately a quarter inch in length.
“When I pulled it out, it looked like rat poison,” said Dolbeare. “Thank God he did not bite into the pellet.”
According to Dolbeare, the candy bar’s wrapper appeared sealed when her son opened it.
“Somebody must have re-glued it,” she said.
After her son’s discovery, Dolbeare collected all her children’s candy and began going through it. The next two items she opened - Milk Duds and Skittles - also contained pellets. Only the Skittles container appeared to have been tampered with.
“After that I dumped it all in the trash,” she said. “I explained to my kids why and they understood. I’m going to go out today and buy them more candy.”
Dolbeare, who took five of her six children out on Halloween night, made only three stops. After visiting the Lutheran school’s trunk or treat celebration, she took her youngsters to Oakwood and Pioneer Trail. She estimates her children visited 10 households in Oakwood and a dozen in Pioneer Trail.
“We go to Oakwood every year,” she said. “A friend took her kids to Pioneer Trail and they found nothing (in their candy).”
Dolbeare, who notified Hannibal police, encourages parents to take a close look at their children’s candy. It’s advise she intends to follow in the future.
“That’s the scary thing, I usually don’t look at their candy; I just let them have at it,” she said.