The city of Hannibal apparently will not be purchasing the empty lot just east of city hall.

The city of Hannibal apparently will not be purchasing the empty lot just east of city hall. Reportedly negotiations between the city and the lot’s owner have ended without an agreement being reached.

Talks began regarding the site, where the former Maryland Hotel  stood up until earlier this summer, in July when Ron Bricker, project coordinator for Bricker Excavating/Demolition, suggested city officials might want the lot for a parking lot at city hall. Bricker’s initial asking price for the property was $56,000.

During its closed session deliberations on Aug. 20, the City Council instructed City Manager Jeff LaGarce to make a counteroffer for the property. Reportedly, Bricker made a counteroffer of its own. The amounts of the follow-up offers made by the city and Bricker were not made public.

“The city did not accept the owner’s real estate offer,” said LaGarce when asked about the talks. “The property owner has been told to complete the final restoration and repairs, and we hope this is completed very soon.”

According to city Building Inspector Joey Burnham, Bricker was told it did not have to complete the final site work while negotiations with the city were ongoing. Now that talks have ended expectations concerning the site have changed.

“Our demolition specs say that when you do a demolition it’s supposed to be finished, and any sidewalks or curbs that were destroyed have to be replaced back to city specs. It also has to be a seeded and strawed lot. That’s got to be done yet,” said Burnham.

Bricker was initially given a deadline of Oct. 14 to complete the work. While all the site work has yet to be completed, Burnham says no citations will likely be issued as long as progress is being seen. Last Friday, new sections of sidewalk just south of the lot along Broadway were being poured.

According to Burnham, some complaints regarding the site have been received, which has two pieces of equipment parked on it, one of which has a flat tire.

“I’ve heard people say they’ve had to sweep stuff up what’s coming off of that lot because it never got seeded or strawed,” he said.