Can it slow down?

I told my husband the other day that I felt overwhelmed.  His response, "what do you have to be overwhelmed about?"  That set me off. He doesn't see my calendar.  He doesn't have to take Corbin to activities or preschool or the doctor. I'm going to school, taking three classes, working 40 hours a week, cooking, cleaning, trying to make a home for us, taking our child to swimming lessons, scheduling meetings to have our marriage blessed, packing our old house, going to meetings for our new house, working on my own business, and.....trying to sleep.  I am terrible with unknowns, like when are we going to close on our new house, when can we move in, have you called to set up the cable or the internet or anything else that I cannot control. I'M JUST FRUSTRATED!!!!

My eating hasn't been terrible, but if you noticed, my blogging has been few and far between.  I'm happy to report that I've taken control of my emotional eating.  I know, I know, with everything I just listed, you'd think I gained 25435 15lbs, but I have only gained one.  I just keep telling myself that I'm almost done with school, we are moving this weekend, and swimming lessons is only for four more weeks.  At some point I will be able to breathe again.  Until that time...I'll just hold my breath while blogging.

This just in, seriously, just happened as I was about to hit "Save this."  Travis(my husband) just said, "did you email Travis(our banker).  My reply, "no, you said you would call him and that was that."  Travis, "well he didn't answer so I figured you would email him."  Me- "No, you didnt tell me he didn't asnwer.  All of the previous times, you have left him a voicemail and he's called you back." Travis, "well I didn't leave him a voicemail." Me- "well then I guess I'll email and call him tomorrow."

Could some one just follow me around and make me a to-do list?

End rant.