It’s that time of year, the time of year when people go out and on purpose scare the bezeeies out of them themselves, yes I am talking about Halloween and haunted houses and you won’t find me in one, EVER!  The last time I was in a haunted house was in high school, at which time I climbed my boyfriend’s back (who just so happens to be my husband) and rode it the entire way through.  It was in the basement of our old high school and if it tells you anything it was the last year that students were housed at that location, it was for a reason, it was old and scary and so was the haunted house!  I will never forget it and haven’t been in one since.  I don’t do scary movies either.  I let some friends of mine talk me into going to a scary movie about eight years ago and I sat with my hands over my eyes the entire time and I swore I would never go back if I ever got out of there!  It had this woman ghost in it that made this noise and had long black hair that hung down in her face.  A couple of nights after I seen that movie my middle daughter came into our bedroom late at night because she didn't feel good and when I woke up and looked at her she had long hair then that was kind of in her face and was right by face and like to have scared me to death!   I can read a scary book and it doesn’t bother me much but it’s not something that I go looking for on purpose. 

I am supposed to go to a corn maze in a couple of weeks and it will be during the daytime, no one scary to jump out at me and scare me!  I hope!  I would never go to one in the dark that’s for sure!

So, yes I am a big scaredy cat and not afraid to admit it!  You won’t find me at the local haunted house this year or any year for that matter.  I will just leave those to the thrill seekers out there.