SHELBYVILLE, Mo. – Jacob Parker made his return to the Putnam County lineup as the Midgets traveled to take on North Shelby Friday night. PC only needed their starting quarterback for the first half as PC won easily 46-12.

"We were probably the better team and we were able to come out and control the game," said Dave Cavanah.

The Raiders took the 7-0 lead when PC fumbled on their opening drive. After that the Midgets ran off 34 straight points and took a 34-6 lead to the break. PC was able to use their multiple formation offense to confuse the Raiders all night as Cavanah pulled Parker at half and Calvin Heidenwidth led the JV Midgets in the second half.

"We had the game tucked away at halftime, you could say. I didn't want to risk getting Parker hurt again so we just sat him down," said Cavanah.

PC might not have racked up the stats, but they won the one battle that matters.

"We are getting better every game. Tonight we made a couple mistakes, but the big stat to me is the scoreboard, and after their first touchdown we never trailed," said Cavanah.

PC is now 3-4 overall and 2-1 in the TRC and tied with Scotland County for second place. They have a chance to grab a stranglehold on second place when they face the Tigers at home next week.