The Palmyra Road sidewalk project reaches another milestone today when contractor bids are opened at Hannibal City Hall.

The Palmyra Road sidewalk project reaches another milestone today when contractor bids are opened at Hannibal City Hall. The bids will be unveiled at 2 p.m. in council chambers.
The bids, along with a recommendation from the city engineer, will be submitted to the City Council at an upcoming meeting.
Depending on which contractor is awarded the bid, the project could still move forward this year.
"Some contractors still have a boat load of jobs they're trying to wrap up for the winter," said Brian Chaplin, project manager for the city. "Some contractors could get on it this year if awarded the job."
Chaplin acknowledges that a contractor's schedule is not the only factor that will determine when work begins.
"We don't know if weather will permit (starting) or not so that's going to play a big factor in this whole project. It may have to wait for spring and that's OK, too," he said.
The project has a 90-calendar day window to complete once work begins.
"It will go quickly," said Chaplin. "I think we'll have it in as early as the spring of next year."
The contractor will be responsible for installing approximately 3,700 feet of sidewalk and about 1,000 feet of retaining wall.
The new sidewalk will extend from the entrance to the middle school parking lot to Orchard Point. To keep the cost of the project down, the remaining 1,000 feet of concrete from Orchard Point to the entrance to Riverview Park will be installed by Street Department and Parks and Recreation Department personnel.
"I don't think we'll have the Street Department or Parks Department do anything on our end this year," said Chaplin.
Whether it's this fall or next spring, work will begin on the west end, across from the middle school parking lot.
"We do have a push button-activated stoplight so the kids can walk across the street safely. We'll start there to get that light put in and the crosswalk put in, then we'll start with the sidewalk," said Chaplin.
The new sidewalk will vary in width from 5 to 6 feet.
"Ninety percent of this project is 6-foot wide sidewalk," said Chaplin. "It's going to make it really nice for people to be able to run, bike, and maybe do both where they will have the proper room to pass each other."
Chaplin is anxious to see progress on the project.
"It looks like we're moving forward quickly with this now, but I hate to say 'quickly' because it's been an ongoing thing for a while," he said.
It was initially hoped the project would be completed by the start of the 2012-13 school year. However, the city's inability to secure all the necessary easements put the project on hold. The final few easements were secured this summer with the help of the Missouri Department of Transportation.
The majority of the new sidewalk is being funded by a federal grant through the Safe Routes to School Program. The city received notification in July 2011 that it had been awarded a $249,000 grant for the project.