Observations on the effects of a government shutdown and the radicals that forced it.

“The longer I’m here, the more I think this planet is used as an asylum for the insane.”  George Bernard Shaw

As proof that Shaw was correct, consider the House Reprehensibles shut down our government as of midnight.  Some of the health related services they have shut down or greatly reduced are:

Inspections of food and drug manufacturers Monitoring of imported foods and drugs Surveillance of infectious diseases (ex. TB, sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis) Seasonal Influenza program run by the Center for Disease Control Elder abuse and senior nutrition programs Grants for improving health care, medical research, and substance abuse Medical disaster relief for Colorado as a result of the flooding

(Health Day Reporter, Dennis Thompson)

Health and Human Services says it will be forced to furlough 52 percent or 40,500 people.  Health care will continue for congress critters.  They will also receive their salaries as they have declared themselves “essential.”  Since these ultra-radical Reprehensibles are the source of the problem, the nation would be better served if they were furloughed, or even better, fired.

Other people “furloughed” without salary are those who care for our national parks, the national zoo, the Library of Congress, Housing and Urban Development, supplemental nutrition for Women, Infants, and children and more with reduced services.   One is not surprised as they have been working this agenda of hate toward the poor and the middle class for many years.

The realities are Obama won the elections in 2008 and in 2012.

The American people said we wanted single payer, universal health care coverage.  President Obama delivered.  He and his fellow Democrats have also increased the number of jobs, lowered unemployment, saved the economy from the economic disaster left by Bush and Cheney’s unfunded wars.  They passed Wall Street reform, Student Loan reform, Credit Card reform, the Hate Crimes Act, a Fair Pay Act.  The GI Bill was expanded, The Stark Treaty with Russia was passed, and of course, Health Care Reform for which sign up begins today.

            As a bonus, he got Bin Laden! 

Meanwhile, the Republicans have been working to defund and “privatize nearly everything:  Social Security, the Post Office, Schools, Prisons, Parks, Highways, and to let Wall Street have free reign, ruining America.

Our current Health Care system is ranked 48h out of 48 in the world in terms of outcomes.  And for that we pay more than anyone else in the world! (Wikipedia)

How crazy is that?

The latest research shows Americans are in favor of the Affordable Care Act, but against Obama Care.  That suggests racism to me, and racism is ignorance and insanity.

   Those two reprehensible characteristics were demonstrated in the shoddy cheering of the House Members after their meeting.   Michelle Bachmann was positively giddy that “we won.”  But, the American people will lose if they get their way.  Apparently they do not care that their juvenile votes will cost the American people $2 Billion dollars for a government shutdown.

 It is more and more apparent that the reprehensible, radical Teas cannot accept that President Obama won two elections and lived up to his promises.  Never forget that Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky stated in 2011 that their goal was to make certain that Obama was a “one term president.”  They lost, but they have impeded every thing that The People want or enjoy.  Let us not forget.

Some people think these Reprehensibles may very well be guilty of sedition, which is by definition inciting people to rebel against the authority of the state.  Each day they grow more strident and tell more lies.  This morning they are alternately blaming President Obama and Senator Harry Reid for shutting down the government by “refusing to negotiate.”  What is to “negotiate?”  The law for health care may be imperfect (time will tell), but it passed both houses and was signed.  Then it was declared constitutional by the US Supreme Court.  It is a done deal, and people are grateful to the president.  There is no reason to accept a “do over.”

Children play “pretend.”  Adults who deny reality are diagnosed as  mentally ill.   Maybe G.B. Shaw was correct?