This is another picture from my Vegas trip. With it being October 1st, this picture is all things October! The month of pumpkins, football, globins and ghosts, candy and cookies, warm blankets, blue jeans, my favorite sweatshirt, leaves turning and falling, mums, deer hunting, soup and cornbread, socks, fires and hayrides. This is my favorite time of year, when hopefully the weather cooperates and you can feel fall in the air, that crisp coolness you can feel in the mornings and at night, you know winter is on its way. My kids are too big now but we used to go every year in the fall and go on a hayride and pick pumpkins. It was hotter in South Caorlina but if you were lucky, you went on a cool day. My Women of Today group have been talking about going to a corn maze. I have never been to a corn maze, so if I get to go, hopefully it will be as much fun as the pumpkin patches were with my kids. I wonder if I could rope one of them into going with me?!

October is also the month of birthdays in my family. I share my birthday with my brother, who is six years younger than me. I asked for a baby doll for my birthday and I got a little brother instead! I remember coming home from school, not on my birthday, but a couple of days later and he was in MY bassinet in the living room. He was so little! When you are a kid, sharing your birthday with your sibling isn't always fun but I never thought about my parents and having to do double on my birthday until I had kids of my own! My grandmother's birthday is on the 11th. She passed away in 1999 and would have been 91 this year. My son and step-son are both born in October also. My son was almost born on my birthday, missed it by three days. I went home from the hospital after having him on my birthday. That was a special year! I guess you could say, I got another baby for my birthday!

Hope you have a great October!