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Shut it Down! Shut it Down! Shut it Down!
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By Rob Meltzer
Sept. 30, 2013 5:20 p.m.

As the delightful possibility of a government shut down looms, we’ve been monitoring the consequences of a shut down on things that really matter to my clients, including access to the federal courts. We’ve been getting emails all day from the federal agencies in both the courts and the Pentagon, not to mention regulatory agencies that we deal with around the country and around the world, and the bottom line is this–if a shutdown happens, it won’t matter. So much of the machinery of government is based on ongoing funding that it is becoming increasingly clear that only luxuries are really on issue. not only should the shut down happen, but we should use this opportunity to fire anybody who is kept home, since clearly they aren’t performing a vital function. Oh, by the way, Obama is not required to switch from Air Force One to a bike for the duration.

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