Multi-Faceted Gems

          The gems referred to in the above title are not your usual ones of pearls, diamonds, emeralds or rubies.  They are not set into rings or sold at great value. But yet their value surpasses all other gems.  These gems work multiple jobs, volunteer unceasingly, head committee after committee and lift up others on a regular basis.

          Recently our office was working on the task of updating contact info for various groups and organizations – adding emails, searching for Facebook pages sponsored by the group, checking if the long, long 911 address was complete, asking if there was a cell phone number to add to the contacts, etc. etc.   This particular task requires attention to detail and the blending of many pieces of info.  Was the Post Office Box number for the organization different by one number from previous years because they had a new box or due to a typo on our part?  Was that a physical address or a mailing address the group’s website? Usually a phone call/ email to the group or a conversation with a key player answered our questions; and one time it surprised us.

          The info for one particular group was very incomplete and what’s more it seemed to be the mirror image of another individual who we thought was completely unrelated to the first group.  In reality it was one of our gems – shining brightly right in front of us.  This one person was – and still is – accomplishing so much that we thought they were two different entities.

          Thank you to all the gems out there – you may confuse us at times but mostly you astonish us.