WHAT IS IT? The 400 block of North Main Street in Hannibal will remain blocked for at least the next week so the old pavement can be dug out and replaced with pavement that is properly sloped.

Another phase of the Main Street Improvement Project in Hannibal began Monday when heavy equipment was brought in to begin removing the old pavement in the 400 block.
“There’s about 285 feet of road to reconstruct,” said Brian Chaplin, project manager for the city. “We’re going to lower the road. There’s too much crown in the road. That’s the reason why we’re removing the (old) road completely.”
The project is being done with drainage in mind.
“What our goal is is to keep to keep it (storm water) toward the west side where the inlet is in this 400 block. With the road we have in there now it’s impossible for that to happen,” said Chaplin.
The re-crowning must occur before the blacktopping can take place.
“We’ll probably open this road back up next week. People will be driving on some rock for a little while, maybe a week, maybe less than a week. Then we’ll get the milling machine in here and start laying new blacktop,” said Chaplin