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  • Today in the News: George Zimmerman to ask Florida for $200k

  • News on George Zimmerman, Syria and more.

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    the lawyers of george zimmerman will ask the state of florida to give the acquitted man $200,000, cnn reported. the money would be used to reimburse zimmerman for trail expenses, the lawyers said.

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    "we are ready to go, like that. … the options are there, the united states department of defense is ready to carry out those options." - secretary of defense chuck hagel, talking about a possible u.s. military intervention in syria, which the u.s. says used chemical weapons on its own citizens. president barack obama is reviewing options, white house officials said.

    hot video: 'haboob' dust storm covers phoenix

    a dust storm covered the phoenix area late monday. dust storms known as “haboobs” have occurred during arizona's monsoon season in recent years.


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