We have a new addition to our cow family, born a couple of weeks ago.  A sweet little brown heifer and she so far she is doing well.  We have had calves born on our property before but they have just been “renters”, this is the first baby born that is ours.  Her mama laid in the pond for days during the hot spell before she had her with just her head sticking out of the water.  I can relate to her, being pregnant during the summer months, which for a pregnant woman, is the worst.   She ventures in the pond now but not for long, she is a good mama and keeps a close eye on the little one. 

Last week the baby got out of our pass through gate.  That’s a gate that has no doors on it, it’s made so the horses and cows can’t get through but we can without having to open a gate.  It’s very handy when you have your hands full and need to get in the pasture.  The baby could walk right through it though without any problems.  Once she found it, she was fascinated by it and wouldn’t stay away from it.  I had to string up rope so she couldn’t get out again.  When the baby was out and I was shooing her back in the mama was right on the other side, ever watchful of me.  She mooed very low under her breath at the baby.  I had never heard a cow do this and thought to myself, she’s telling the baby if she knows what is good for her she will get her tail back in the fence where she belongs!  Sure enough, the baby walked under the barbwire and ran to its mama who mooed softly under her breath again as to say, good girl!

As school started this week for many my thoughts are with those mamas who seen their babies off to school for maybe the first time, or maybe the last first day of high school, each one bringing different emotions.  The feeling of sending your children off into the world, either big or small is both rewarding and gut wrenching at the same time.  As for those said children, good luck with a new school year, and as for our sophomore in college and junior in high school, I wish them both great years, study hard girls, the world awaits you!