Will a new Farm Bill be passed? It depends on who you ask.

Will a new Farm Bill be passed? It depends on who you ask.
Earlier this month, U.S. Reps. Collin Peterson and Tim Walz said they couldn’t see a clear resolution to the issues that have stalled the legislation.
In contrast, U.S. Rep. Sam Graves was upbeat about the bill’s future during his stop in Hannibal on Thursday.
“We’re working through the process right now,” said the Congressman. “I talked to Frank Lucas, who is chairman of the ag committee, two days ago to get his take and they’re working through the details.”
According to Graves some major compromises must yet be reached.
“The House bill does not have a food stamp program in it and the Senate bill does have that, so we’re compromising the differences there,” he said. “I think we’ll end up with a bill more like the Senate bill.
“Then it comes down to how much is to be able to be cut out of the Farm Bill altogether. We would like to see somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 billion. The Senate has got a $4 billion cut, so it will be some place in between.”
The deadline for a bill to be passed is Monday, Sept. 30, according to Graves.
“I think we’ll have it done by then,” he said.
While the calendar shows that is over a month away, in terms of Congressional time, there’s only a little over a week left to overcome differences.
“There’s nine working days in terms of when the House is actually voting or the Senate is actually voting,” said Graves on Thursday. “Even now work is taking place in Washington.”