If you read the above and know what they mean then you are one of the approximately 9.6 million that watch Duck Dynasty on Wednesday nights.  Last night was the season premier and my family is part of that 9.6 million and proud of it!  If you haven’t ever watched Duck Dynasty it is about a family, the Robertson’s, Phil and Kay and three out of four of their boys and their families.  They live in West Monroe, Louisiana and became well known for the duck calls that Phil started making many years ago.  They grew their duck call business and eventually got picked up by A&E with their own reality television show.   All the men have long beards and long hair and their choice of wardrobe is normally camouflage! 

Some of the show is scripted I think, however, I am not sure there is a way for them to script Uncle Si.  He is Phil’s brother and is crazy as a bed bug I would suspect!  He keeps the family on their toes and can come up with some crazy sayings.  He is a Vietnam War veteran and likes to tell stories and start his sentences with Hey!   There are good natured and sometimes not so good natured rivals between the brothers, Willie, Jase and Jep.  They are all the time picking on each other in some form or fashion and usually Willie, the CEO of Duck Commander usually gets the brunt of it all. 

The episodes always center around God and family.  At the end of each episode they all come together at the dinner table with Phil blessing the food and his family.  I think with all the reality television shows on today, this one is one that you can watch with your family together and not have to worry about something inappropriate being said or shown.  They are like any other family, they have fun with each other, make fun of each other, get mad at one another but at the end of the day come together and love each other like family’s are supposed to.  With a little hunting and cooking thrown in here and there!  What’s not to like about that!

Phil and his boys also have started touring some around the United States and preaching the gospel.   They put faith first, then family and then facial hair, and hunting I would imagine comes in there somewhere.   Phil is very anti – cell phone (which he doesn’t own one), computers, Facebook, etc.  And he calls people that do own these things – yuppies.  He is very old fashioned and down to earth, loves the Lord and loves his family and most of all loves Miss Kay, his wife.  Last night’s episode was all about the kids putting together a surprise wedding for Phil and Kay’s 49th wedding anniversary, complete with the oldest brother, Alan, who is interestingly clean shaven and a preacher, officiating the event.   They were married at the court house and never had an official wedding.  This was all done in Phil and Kay’s backyard and was beautiful. 

So if you have never watched Duck Dynasty it airs on Wednesday nights at 9:00 p.m. on A&E.  I have never watched it and not laughed out loud so I hope when you watch it, as Phil Robertson says…it will make you happy, happy, happy!