An experience with acupuncture.


A while back, I injured my knee.  I didn’t think much of it at the time, but it caused me to walk a bit differently and ended up affecting more than the original injured area.  I’m don’t really over-react to pain.  I’ve faced some in my life, and it’s just a part of living.  I don’t think of it as anything special.

 I think some people are more sensitive to pain than others.  I can sort of ignore an injury to a point.  I’ve never been one to miss school or work due to illness. I guess that comes from my family.  Missing school or work meant we were too sick to get out of bed.

So back to my knee, instead of getting slowly better, the pain in my knee seemed to exacerbate. I finally started seeking help for this malady. I went the traditional route for treatment, which eventually led me to an MRI.  The analysis of that showed that I had a stress fracture.  I was told I should rest and exercise.  Or was it exercise and rest.  I can’t remember, but I took the exercises to heart and did my best to follow the suggestions of the various medical specialists I visited.  The pain didn’t seem to be an issue to them.  I appreciate that if the malady gets repaired, it is likely that the pain will subside, but there wasn’t much discussion of the issue of pain, so I hobbled around uncomfortably.  Months later a friend of mine gave me a tip.  Acupuncture!

It was almost serendipitous because I got the same message from more than one person, and they didn’t know each other. In fact, they’ve never met.  I didn’t even know such a service was available in Kirksville, but it is.

I made an appointment.  I’m not writing this to tell you that this is the end all pain one might experience in life.  Even my own pain, while it seems to be better, is not completely gone, but I’ve been advised that after a period of six weeks or so, I should feel considerable relief.  The practitioner has impressive credentials, so I felt comfortable with giving this thing a try. I figured it couldn’t hurt me.

Here’s what has happened so far.  First of all, I made my appointment and showed up at the scheduled time.  I was early by a few minutes and sat in the waiting room during that time, but when my actually scheduled time arrived, I was ushered into the examination room.   I contrast this with my first medical appointment.  I had scheduled that as well and showed up early.  I waited for two hours in the first waiting room before being ushered into the second waiting room.  Of course, there was a reason given.  That seemed considerate.

During my acupuncture appointment, the practitioner listened to my concerns about the pain I was having.  She talked about how and why acupuncture can work, but made no promises and discouraged me from expecting miracles.  She did, however, show what seemed to be genuine concern about the fact that I was experiencing pain.

I’ve now had my second appointment, which also occurred at the scheduled time.  She talked to me about where my pain was and suggested what methods she would use to counter the way my pain was perceived.  She checked with me frequently during the two appointments.  After my second appointment, she e-mailed me to make sure that I was doing well enough.  I had delayed taking my daily pain pills so that she could more accurately assess the progress her techniques made.

I have more appointments scheduled, which I can do on line.  The cost of these treatments is reasonable.  I have felt improvement in that the pain has lessened.  She advised me that it may return after a few days, and it would take the whole series to have a more permanent effect.

She is professional, courteous, on time and clearly concerned about the pain I have been experiencing.

I’m not suggesting that anyone throw off the more standard methods of treatment.  I’m not even testifying that this is the way to relieve pain, or even that it is an effective way to treat such a condition.  However, I do like how I’ve been treated.

I’ve talked to a number of people who have benefitted greatly from acupuncture treatments. Some skeptics may think I’m full of baloney.  That certainly may be true, and that condition, I’m quite sure, cannot be treated even by acupuncture.  I’m just saying it’s possible that there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

You can do your own research and check the web site of Kirksville Family Acupuncture. If your living with pain, you have nothing to lose, with the possible exception of the pain.

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