The second installment (3rd & 4th sessions) of my journey to map all 97 miles of Kirksville city streets, by bicycle.

If you bicycle for transportation, your destination is where you'll bike. But if you want to bike for any other reason--fitness, leisure, recreation, social--then you need to find a place to ride. I think the most popular route around Kirksville is 18 miles to the lake and back. A lot of bicyclists go out on Hwy 3 south of town for a few hours. But without a large block of time, the options are limited and the usual routes get old.

That is how I came up with Map My City. Kirksville maintains 97 miles of city streets in 14.4 square miles. I'm biking all of it in several short, 1 to 2 hour sessions. I'm never more than a few minutes from my house.

I've done the residential area around Brashear Park and most of downtown. On a Saturday morning I set out to fill in the gaps between. I crossed Baltimore four times that morning. I rode down a street that doesn't appear in the maps, named 111 1/2 S. Ely St after the only house on it!

On Sunday a friend joined me in the mapping expedition. We went north to the neighborhood that backs up against the Steer Creek Trail, into the Kings Ridge neighborhood with streets named after chess pieces (Bishop, Rook, Knight, Pawn), and we had time for a little bit more north of that.

With a friend along, I could get a picture of me on my bike for this project.

We crossed Baltimore St. to get Library Rd mapped, and I got a photo of Brandon Crandall's sculpture in front of the library.

At the intersection of Kings St and Queens Rd, the map showed a little tail of street continuing, but there was no pavement. We got off our bikes to investigate. I saw a mowed area in the approximate shape of a street. I carried the phone in front of me with the map displayed, and sure enough, at the end of the mowed bit I was at the end of the putative street.

"Is that a mower or some kind of tractor?" Judy asked from the street. I turned around to see.

"It's a boat with a bicycle trailer inside."

I've completed 36.5 miles, 4 hours and 37 minutes, over 4 sessions. I don't know how far I have to go because, while Kirksville has 97 miles, I have to double back over a lot of streets to get everything mapped. I estimate it will be 120 to 150 miles total.