Information about the return of "The Pear Tree."



Al Abbadessa, proprietor of the greatly enjoyed NE Missouri restaurant, “The Pear Tree,” has not thrown in the towel.  The Bevier based restaurant was a favorite and always did a thriving business until a fire last November burned the establishment to the ground.  Al’s son ran a restaurant in Macon called “The Pear Tree Sub,” but after years of success, that restaurant relocated into a larger venue across the street under the name, “AJs Eat and Drink.”   Next week “The Pear Tree” undergoes a reincarnation by joining the AJs bill of fare in a combined menu.

Last night I ate at “AJs” and learned from Mr. Abadessa that next week they will officially blend the present “AJs” menu with the old menu from “The Pear Tree.”  It will be all one restaurant, but with a combined, expanded menu.

Some upgrades to the building that houses “AJs” and its surroundings will enhance the expansion of the restaurant.  Famous for great tasting onion rings, excellent steaks, lobster and a full menu of options, which include a full selection of sandwiches as well as first rate entrees, “AJs” continues the fine tradition of good eating provided by the Abbadessa family.  Even the parking lot has expanded to the north.

Rumors abounded after the fire that took away NE Missouri’s favorite dining venue, and there were some options that even the Abbadessa family considered.  The good news is that AJs and The Pear Tree are alive and well along with their trademark salad dressings, crouton and now additional condiments including “Magic Dust,” a seasoning suitable for myriad uses.  Plenty of seating, ample parking and enough food to warrant skipping a couple of meals will surely make this return of The Pear Tree menu a big hit.

Don’t take my word for it. Have a taste of the food for yourself.  “AJs/The Pear Tree” is located at 1407 N Missouri (Hwy 63), in Macon.  The doors open at 10:30 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m. daily.  Reservations are not required but as the word spreads, may become more desirable.  You can call the restaurant at 660-385-1500.