Please, spare us another Cheney!

Another Cheney in D.C.  Horrors!  Liz Cheney is the daughter of Dick Cheney, the Heartless,  Oh, I know, he got a new one from a donor.  I have wondered who paid for that.  As a retired veep does he still have government health insurance? 

Liz has announced she will be running to be elected senator from Wyoming.  She claims her family has been in Wyoming since 1907; however, she has lived most of her life in Virginia.  About a year ago, she bought a house in Jackson Hole.  The rarified air in Jackson Hole, breathed by movie stars, skiers, and assorted free thinkers and tourists is hardly typical of the hard working ranchers and small towns in the rest of Wyoming.

Her father is the creep who lied and pushed the US into going into war to find non-existent weapons of mass destruction."  Does anyone really believe his interests were for the good of the US?  Especially since he was an oil man and owner of Halliburton, which changed its name and subcontracted services to the military?  Many people also suspect/believe he or his office illgallly outed CIA agent Valerie Plame.  But Dick, the heartless, is not running for office---at least not overtly. One cannot help buy wonder to what extent Liz has been influence by her father, and to what extent would his influence continue, should Wyoming be foolish enough to elect her to the US Senate.

Worse, or at least as bad, as being a carpet bagger, Liz Cheney is an AGEIST.   The current senator, Mike Enzi is 69.  He is one of the most conservative senators.  His views are certainly not my views, but neither are any Cheney views.

If he questioned Liz Cheney's ability to serve in the senate because she is a woman, she would screech "sexist" to the high heavens.  And rightfully so.  Does she feel entitled to imply Enzi is too old?  Is it because she is a rich and priviledged Cheney?   Or does she think the public is so stupid that we do not understand that she is already playing dirty before she is the choice of Wyoming Republicans?  

So why does she feel justified in questioning his suitablity because of his age?  At her recent announcement that she was  a candidate, she twice suggested Senator Enzi was "confused.".  That is code for being so old that he may be on his way to dementia.  That kind of innuendo is nasty, but maybe nasty is in her genes.  Let us hope she loses this bid as the country,not just Wyoming, does not need another Cheney in Washington.