WHAT IS IT? An excavator was in use Tuesday morning in the 400 block of Broadway in Hannibal where a building is being brought down by Bricker Excavating/Demolition.

It appears the demolition of store fronts in the 400 block of Broadway in Hannibal may now be in its final stages.

On Tuesday morning an excavator was being utilized by Bricker Excavating/Demolition to bring down and lift out the remaining debris at 421-423 Broadway. While the site actually featured a pair of store fronts they were in the same building.

The site that is being cleared out is owned by The Crossing church, which also owns the property on either side of the building that is being brought down.

The “de-construction” project began in April.

The work could not progress quickly. Because the condition of the structure that is being torn down was so unstable, at times it was literally being brought down a brick at a time by Bricker personnel.

Once the building site is completely clear of debris the church plans to use the freed up space to expand the church’s entry-way at 425 Broadway and its children’s area, which is housed in 417-419 Broadway.