The Northeast Missouri Sheltered Workshop (NMSW) is in trouble financially.

The Northeast Missouri Sheltered Workshop (NMSW) is in trouble financially. On Tuesday night, representatives of the workshop were given the green light to put a measure on the November ballot that would see an additional $1.20 fee collected. A 70-cent recycling fee already appears on BPW residential bills.
Dr. Erv Harder reported to the Council that after losing over $26,000 in 2012, the NMSW is continuing to operate at a deficit in 2013. He noted that without an infusion of money the program, which has operated in Hannibal since 1965, “will go belly up.” If the recycling program ceases, it would mean the loss of 50 jobs and an increase of trash in the community, according to Harder.
A sticking point is the fee to put the item on the ballot, which City Clerk Angel Vance estimated could run between $7,000 and $10,000. If there are no other items on the ballot, it would solely be the NMSW’s responsibility, unless the city stepped in.
City Manager Jeff LaGarce asked if a 50-50 cost share would be acceptable. John Yancey, a long-time volunteer with the NMSW, said such a proposal would work if the NMSW could make monthly payments since it doesn’t have that much cash in reserve right now.
The Council ultimately decided to let voters decide the recycling program’s fate.
In other business:
• First reading was given a bill that would see changes made to city statutes regarding liquor licenses. According to Councilman Barry Louderman the proposal would give the city “teeth” in dealing with businesses where alcohol is sold that have a history of violence. Under the revised statute the city would have greater leeway in revoking a businesses’ liquor license.
Louderman says holding a liquor license should be viewed as a privilege and not a right.
“It’s a good ordinance. It’s fair,” he said.
• Tom Boland Ford’s bid for two 1-ton trucks was accepted. Tom Boland Ford’s bid of $109,892 was the lowest of two bids received.
• Jviation, INC., was approved to prepare plans necessary to repair cracks on the runway, taxiway and ramp at Hannibal Regional Airport. The cost of the work is $18,851. It will be funded by FAA money allocated by MoDOT. A 5 percent local match will be required.
• The Parks & Recreation Department was given permission to hire Poepping, Stone, Bach & Associates for supplemental engineering that would see steps added from the upper parking lot to field level as part of the Huckleberry Park softball field’s renovation. The additional fee will not exceed $3,000.
• A special Council meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, July 30, regarding 2008 bond refinancing. The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m.
• Approved was an engagement letter with Armstrong Teasdale LLP for legal services related to the closeout of the downtown TIF project which helped pay for the flood wall.
• A question regarding whether monthly credit card fee charges should be passed along from the city to the public was tabled.
• The following appointments were approved: Mike Gingsberg, reappointment for a term to expire in June 2017 to the Real Property Redevelopment Tax Increment Financing Commission; Pam Warfield, reappointment for a term to expire in June 2016 to the Hannibal Library Board; Sharon Colbert appointed for a term to expire in July 2014 to the Board of Adjustments.