WHAT IS IT? The installation of a new protective “cap” on the parapet of city hall was under way in Hannibal on Wednesday morning, despite the fact that light rain was falling.

Although it's been almost two months since the damaging storm of May 20, it's not hard to find repair work that's still going on in the city. That includes at Hannibal City Hall, where workers could be seen on the roof Wednesday morning.
Last year the city had a protective "cap" installed on the parapet of the building. According to Brian Chaplin, project manager for the city, the cap took a beating from the storm's 100 mph winds.
"It didn't take it all off, but it took I'd say 80 percent of the metal off," he said. "We're having new metal put in because the old was ruined completely."
The cost of the work will be approximately $12,000, according to Chaplin, who noted that the repair costs will be covered by the city's insurance carrier.
On Wednesday, barricades were in place on the sidewalk on the west side of city hall.
Chaplin estimated the repairs would not take long.
"Hopefully we'll have it done by tomorrow," he said.