Following are the winners from the Hannibal Cannibal run which was Saturday, July 6, in downtown Hannibal.
• 5 K male overall:
First – Adam Tredway, Louisiana, Mo.
Second – Brady Novak, Hannibal, Mo.
Third, Aaron Parker, Farmington, Mo.
• 5K female overall:
First, Mia Jerman, Bloomsdale, Mo.
Second, Alissa Keil, Perry, Mo.
Third, Sarah Ogar.
• 5K Male Masters
First, Paul Vincent, Frederick, Ill.
Second, Nigher Alfaro.
Third, Craig Miller, Russellville, Mo.
• 5 K Female Masters
First, Angie Sherrow, Hermann, Mo.
Second, Stephanie Bartlett, Hannibal, Mo.
Third, Kris Cross, Vandalia, Mo.
• 5K Clydesdale
First, Drew Earls, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, Christian Nagy
Third, Joe Rubison, Shelbina, Mo.
• 5K Filly
First, Kelsey Ortwerth, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, Shelby Moneer, Silver Spring, Md.
Third, Ashley Elmore.
• 10K Male Overall
First, Hayden Legg, Mexico, Mo.
David Rothermich, Kansas City, Mo.
Third, Alex Reiter, Quincy, Ill.
• 10K Female Overall
Katti Carroll, Clarence, Mo.
Second, Samantha Brolaski, Perry, Mo.
Third, Calla Lovell, Overland Park, Kan.
• 10K Male Masters
Edward Drebes, Champaign, Ill.
Second, Bradley Smith, Quincy, Ill.
Third, Paul Gripka, Hanover, Md.
• 10K Female Masters
First, Kim Bouyea, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, Wendy Torri, St. Louis, Mo.
Third, Susan Shoemaker, Lake St. Louis, Mo.
• 10K Clydesdale
First, Jeremy Nichols
Second, Dan Foy, Omaha, Neb.
Third, Mark Evans, Omaha, Neb.
• 10K Filly
First, Doreen McMurry, Columbia, Mo.
Second, Elizabeth Kelly, Columbia, Mo.
Third, Tonya Robertson, High Ridge, Mo.
• 15K Male Overall
First, Ryan Darling
Second, Bryson Jarmon
Third, Tyler Uhrich
• 15K Female Overall
First, Molly Wawrzyniak, St. Louis, Mo.
Second, Patricia Schaefer, Springfield, Ill.
Third, Renee White, Michael, Ill.
• 15K Male Masters
First, Mike Wendel, Chatham, Ill.
Second, Deon Mallinckrodt, Pittsfield, Ill.
Third, Scott Bridgeman, New Baden, Ill.
• 15K Female Masters
First, Marisa Ellison, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, Mary Lynn Richards, Hannibal, Mo.
Third, Janice McIntosh, Mexico, Mo.
• 15K Clydesdale
First, Ryan Kappner, Quincy, Ill.
Second, Scott Bartlett, Kingman, Ariz.
Third, Jeriod Turner, Hannibal, Mo.
• 5K Filly
First, Sarah Malaney, Quincy, Ill.
Second, Carmen McDowell, Overall Park, Kan.
• M 5K Open 1-11
First, Will Hibbard, Kirkwood, Mo.
Second, Clayton Lacount, Canton, Mo.
Third, Nathan Destefane, Hannibal, Mo.
• F 5K Open 1-11
First Reagin Ward, Chesterfield, Mo.
Second, Emily Oliver, Bowen, Ill.
Third, Zachary Buchanan, Frankford, Mo.
• M 5K Open 12-15
First, Grant Uthlaut, Hermann, Mo.
Second, Sean Jones, Hannibal, Mo.
Third, Matthew Fringer, Russellville, Mo.
• F 5K Open 12-15
First, Hannah Williams, Brentwood, Tenn.
Second, Gabby McGimm.
Third, Taylor Arthaud, Sutton, Mass.
• M 5K Open 16-19
First, Michael Golian, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, Samuel Welbourne, Jerseyville, Ill.
Third, Philip Lagemann.
• F 5K Open 16-19
First, Renae Buschling, Canton, Mo.
Second, Elizabeth Lay, O'Fallon, Mo.
Third, Madison Grumich, St. Peters, Mo.
• M 5K Open 20-24
First, Brett Butler, Bowling Green, Mo.
Second, Jake Adams, Independence, Mo.
Third, Edward Gregg, Hannibal, Mo.
• F 5K Open 20-24
First, Denise Myers, Perry, Mo.
Second, Taylor Stuart, Frankford, Mo.
Third, Autumn Smith, Hull, Ill.
• M 5K Open 25-29
First, William Klingner, Quincy, Ill.
Second, Tyler Wood, Washington, Mo.
Third, Tyler Jones, Alton, Ill.
• 5K Open 25-29
First, Ellie Pinzarrone, Rockford, Ill.
Second, Katy Lollar, Hannibal, Mo.
Third, Michelle Meador, Quincy, Ill.
• M 5K Open 30-34
First, Tracy Jex, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, John Sauer, St. Louis.
Third, Matt Wright, Emden, Mo.
• F 5K Open 30-34
First, Monica Clayton, New London, Mo.
Rebekah Wilt, Shelbina, Mo.
Third, Becky Turner, Bowling Green
• M 5K Open 35-39
First, Matt Chance, Curryville, Mo.
Second, Nicholas Beucke, Hannibal, Mo.
Third, Chris Gaines, New London, Mo.
• F 5K Open 35-39
First, Jessica Meyer, Olathe, Kan.
Second, Cory Kjersti, Quincy, Ill.
Third, Mary Destefane, Hannibal, Mo.
• M 5K Open 40-44
First, Shawn Otten, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, Kyle Ford, New London, Mo.
Third, Jason Asmann, Quincy, Ill.
• F 5K Open 40-44
First, Teresa McKenzie, Canton, Mo.
Second, Heather Ehrhardt, Moberly, Mo.
Third, Jessie Keough.
• M 5K Open 45-49
First, Mark Rankin, Quincy, Ill.
Second, Todd Wiseman, Quincy, Ill.
Third, Drew Clark.
• F 5K Open 45-49
First, Stephanie Rankin, Quincy, Ill.
Second, Vikki Stuart, Frankford, Mo.
Third, Sandy Wittland, Quincy, Ill.
• M 5K Open 50-54
First, Kevin Halterman, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, Roger Berry, Monroe City, Mo.
Third, Dale DeLaPorte, New London, Mo.
•F 5K Open 50-54
First, Mary Thompson
Second, Robyn Hassien, Hannibal, Mo.
Third, Jayne Yoder, Bowling Green, Mo.
• M 5K Open 55-59
First, Kelly Speer, Savannah, Mo.
Second, Dan Tschirgi, Lohman, Mo.
Third, Jim Humphreys, Hannibal, Mo.
• F 5K Open 55-59
First, Peggy Walley, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, Sue Dorsey, Hannibal, Mo.
Third, Rose Ann Myers, Mexico, Mo.
• M 5K Open 60-64
First, Tom Dorsey, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, Marc Scholes, Hartsburg, Mo.
Third, Bill Robb, Hannibal, Mo.
• F 5K Open 60-64
First, Claudia Lennon, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, Glenna Wagner, Palmyra, Mo.
Third, Christine Mezines, Columbia, Mo.
• M 5K Open 65-69
First, Don Kirk
Second, David Dyer, Quincy, Ill.
Third, Birney Belfield, LaPlata, Mo.
• F 5K Open 65-69
First, Claudia McCain, Macomb, Ill.
Second, Wendy Evans, Columbia, Mo.
Third, Becky Baker, Shelbina, Mo.
• M 5K Open 70-79
First, Mervin Sharkey, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, Carl Meyer, Mexico, Mo.
Third, Ray Cook, Warrensburg, Mo.
• F 5K Open 70-79
First, Dianne Lubker, Lima, Ill.
• F 10K Open 1-11
First, Christine St. Juliana, Hannibal, Mo.
• M 10K Open 12-15
First, Connor Oneil
Second, Dalton Morre, Virginia, Ill.
• F 10K Open 12-15
First, Katelyn Obert, Liberty, Ill.
Second, Brittanie Whitney, Clayton, Ill.
• M 10K Open 16-19
First, Brandon Bergren, Red Oak, Iowa
Second, Cody Gil, Perry, Mo.
Third, Steven Bryant, Bowling Green, Mo.
• F 10 K Open 16-19
First, Ali Bader, St. Charles, Mo.
Second, Liz Schneider, Quincy, Ill.
• M 10 K Open 20-24
First, Sam Bibb, Bowling Green, Mo.
Second, Ross Carter.
• F 10K Open 20-24
First, Katherine Ware, St. Louis, Mo.
Second, Annie Campbell, St. Louis, Mo.
Third, Audra Turnbull, Monroe City, Mo.
• M 10K Open 25-29
First, Kyle Eckler, Paris, Mo.
Second, Craig Fredrich, Bowling Green, Mo.
Third, Eric Carriger, Chapin, Ill.
• F10K Open 25-29
First, Becca Humphreys, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, Kate Sorrell, Omaha, Neb.
Third, Aimee Hosmer, Hannibal, Mo.
• M 10K Open 30-34
First, Ryan Humphreys, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, Ryan Whipple, Hannibal, Mo.
Third, Nathan Fritts, Quincy, Ill.
• F 10K Open 30-34
First, Teri Dearing, Dardenne Prairie, Mo.
Second, Deanne Tepen, Troy
Third, Molly Schaefer, Springfield, Ill.
• M10K Open 35-39
First, Brian Camp
Second, A.J. Viorel, Hannibal, Mo.
Third, Mike Kenney, St. Louis, Mo.
• F 10K Open 35-39
First, Nancy Colgrove, Hull, Ill.
Second, Elizabeth Stapleton, Houston, Texas
Third, Stephanie Schwartz, Festus, Mo.
• M 10K Open 40-44
First, Jason Sickmann
Second, Jeff Walden
Third, Jason Craven, Vandalia, Mo.
• F 10K Open 40-44
First, Tina Fick, Russellville, Mo.
Second, Debbie Newby, Columbia, Mo.
Third, Jennifer Klein, Silex
• M 10K Open 45-49
First, Kevin Nichols, Columbia, Mo.
Second, Minh Hoac, Bowling Green, Mo.
Third, Doug Skaggs
• F 10K Open 45-49
First, Rita Duran, St. Louis, Mo.
Second, Jill Williams, Brentwood, Tenn.
Third, Judi Kaufman, Columbia
• M 10K Open 50-54
First, Michael Smith, Quincy, Ill.
Second, Mike Greenwell, Shelbina, Mo.
Third, Jim Salter, St. Charles.
• F 10K Open 50-54
First, Claudia Lasys, Quincy, Ill.
Second, Kathy Salter, St. Charles, Mo.
Third, Valerie Brattin, St. Charles, Mo.
• M 10K Open 55-59
First, David Schipper, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, Karl Hester, Keokuk, Iowa
• F 10K Open 55-59
First, Leigh Lingwall, Stoutsville, Mo.
Second, Constance Hesse, Farber, Mo.
• M 10K Open 60-64
First, Glen Phillips, Pittsfield, Ill.
Second, Steve White, Columbia, Mo.
Third, Michael Saul, Quincy, Ill.
• F 10K Open 60-64
First, Pat Cook, Warrensburg, Mo.
• M 10K Open 65-69
Joseph Held, Bridgeton, Mo.
• M 10K Open 70-79
First, Cork Adams
Second, Deckle McLean, Macomb, Ill.
• M 15K Open 1-11
First, Jacob Mohrfeld, Fort Madison, Iowa.
• M 15K Open 12-15
First, Sawyer Powers, Monroe City, Mo.
Second, Radley James, West Des Moines, Iowa.
• M 15K Open 16-19
First, Jonah Peter, Liberty, Ill.
Second, Timothy Wara
Third, Alex Thompson, Jefferson City, Mo.
• F 15K Open 16-19
First, Ashleigh Edwards, West Des Moines, Iowa.
• M 15K Open 20-24
First, Derek Roberts, Adel, Iowa
Second, Clay Martin, Blue Springs, Mo.
Third, William Megl, Troy, Mo.
• F 15 K Open 20-24
First, Karen Taylor, Louisiana, Mo.
Second, Christina Fecht, Mt. Sterling, Ill.
Third, Janelle Strother, Hannibal, Mo.
• M 15K Open 25-29
First, John Boyd
Second, Brett Agee, Kansas City, Mo.,
Third, Kyle Monroe, Hannibal, Mo.
• F 15K Open 25-29
First, Samantha Hoener, Quincy, Ill.
Second, Samantha Quigle
Third, Heather Shirey, Canton, Mo.
• M 15K Open 30-34
First, Dave Ames, St. Louis, Mo.
Second, Like Meyer, St. Peters, Mo.
Third, Brad Meyer, St. Charles, Mo.
• F 15K Open 30-34
First, Jennifer McClain, LaBelle, Fla.
Second, Sarah Patrick, Quincy, Ill.
Third, Bridgette Augspurg, Palmyra, Mo.
• M 15K Open 35-39
First, Lorc Weir, Kinderhook, Ill.
Second, Daniel Tylor, Stafford, Va.
Third, Calvin Stroud, Hannibal, Mo.
• F 15K Open 35-39
First, Heather Lang, House Springs, Mo.
Second, Carrie Noland, New London, Mo.
Third, Ashley Gottman, New London, Mo.
• M 15K Open 40-44
First, John Guyer, Fenton, Mo.
Second, Douglas Lape, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Third, Kevin Fagan, Mount Sterling, Ill.
•F 15K Open 40-44
First, Felicity Goodpasture-Culwell, Vandalia, Mo.
Second, Aimee Myers
Third, Bridget Whiteside, O'Fallon, Ill.
• M 15K Open 45-49
First, Patrick Redington, Washington, Mo.
Second, Chuck Hamblin, Moberly, Mo.
Third, Scott Shade, Columbia, Mo.
• F 15K Open 45-49
First, Connie Robley, Mexico., Mo.
Second, Kimberly Orr, Bethel, Mo.
Third, Georgia Capistrant, O'Fallon, Ill.
• M 15K Open 50-54
First, Martin Meyer, Hannibal, Mo.
Second, Nick Whiteside, O'Fallon, Ill.
Third, James Jorgenson, Macon, Mo.
• F 15K Open 50-54
First, Janet Powell, Springfield, Ill.
Second, Christina Morian, Jefferson City, Mo.
• M 15K Open 55-59
First, Matt Mohrfeld, Fort Madison, Iowa
Second, Larry Davis, Quincy, Ill.
Third, Doug Seeber, Ursa, Ill.
• F 15K Open 55-59
First, Joni Wilson, Philadelphia, Mo.
Second, Regina Brown, Moberly, Mo.
Third, Patricia Andrews, Las Vegas, Nev.
• M 15K Open 60-64
First, Roger McKenzie, Quincy, Ill.
Second, John Bruemmer, Fairview Heights, Ill.
Third, Richard Blalock, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
• F 15K Open 60-64
First, Mary Behrens, Ballwin, Mo.
• M 15K Open 65-69
First, James Alexander
Second, Timothy Mullady, Springfield, Ill.
Third, William Ames
• M 15K Open 70-79
First, Roy Stevens, Chicago, Ill.
Second, Robert Wohler, O'Fallon, Ill.