The city of Hannibal’s curbside cleanup program will soon be wrapping up.

The city of Hannibal’s curbside cleanup program will soon be wrapping up.

On Monday, the Street Department announced that it is in the “final stages” of picking up brush and limbs that were brought down during the May 20 storm. Residents who called the city immediately after the storm and still have tree debris on curbsides or in alleys should call the Street Department at 221-0134 before Monday, July 15.

According to Leon Wallace, street superintendent, recently cut limbs or brush left on a curbside will not be picked up. Only debris created during the May storm is eligible for pickup by city personnel.

The city stresses that its South Main Street drop-off point, opened in the wake of the May storm, is now closed. But not everyone is complying with the city’s wishes to no longer use that site.

“We still are continuing to have people dumping their debris there,” said Brian Chaplin, project manager for the city. “We want to stop the debris dumping there to let us get caught up. It’s a big problem.”

The debris now is being left when city workers are not present.

Susan Osterhout, code enforcement officer with the city, suspects that some tree-cutting contractors are now responsible for much of what is still being left on South Main Street.

“They’re charging to remove a tree and then dumping it on the city,” she said.

The South Main drop-off site was essential immediately after the damaging storm.

“We never would have kept up otherwise,” said Osterhout. “I hate to think how many loads were dumped there.”

If the dumping of tree debris continues on South Main, the city could be forced to get tough with violators.

“If it gets to that point we will start enforcing,” said Chaplin. “If she (Osterhout) catches people down there we are going to start writing them up and ticketing them. That’s the way it’s going to be.”

According to Osterhout, violators could be cited for illegal dumping or littering. Those violations carry a fine of $224.50.

With the South Main site closed, the public is welcome to leave yard waste and storm debris at the Street Department’s yard waste lot at South Seventh Street and Colfax Avenue.

“We’ve a great place for people to dump,” said Chaplin, referring to the drop site at the southeast corner of the Street Department campus.