Use your yellow page money for search engine submission.

I’m going to get some hate mail for what I’m about to say. I’m encouraging all of my customers to downsize their yellow page advertising as soon as they possibly can. The yellow pages are dying – and dying fast. take look at how much you’re spending on yellow page ads – you’re in for a shock.

Use the money you save on something that works harder for your business. this week do a fun, informal poll – ask anyone under 40 where they go to find phone numbers. They’ll Say “the internet.” have your intern or favorite 10 year old update your internet yellow pages to make sure your business name, phone and address are correct. the advertising world is changing – make sure your business changes too.

Take the money you've been spending on yellow pages and spend it on high quality search engine optimiztion. Do it now and get a jump ahead of the competition - many who still don't even have a web site!