This past weekend, the Fjell clan took a small vacation down to the Lake for a long weekend. Most of the weekend was spent in swimsuits in the Lake or pool, but we did hit the town for a few fun activities while we were there. Our long weekend happened to coincide with one of their Hot Summer Nights Evenings, which features a classic car show, street performers, face painting, and more cars all along the Bagnell Dam “Strip”. Both Ryan and I are big enthusiasts for any local community event like this, so we of course went. We had such a great time and it was such an amazing showcase for all that the Strip has to offer for visitors.

 I think all too often, when there is an event (big or small) in town, people don’t really always recognize the long term value. We often think in short term, “they didn’t stop in any stores” or “the visitors didn’t eat anywhere”- this may be true and we always encourage folks to try our local shops and restaurants when they are here in town, but these visitors are doing something more- they are forming an impression of Boonville. We want them to have a positive impression- which in turn will make them want to come back, or recommend Boonville as a weekend destination for their friends and family. This word of mouth advertising is the best you can have. I don’t know about you all, but usually if a friend or relative gives me a recommendation on a restaurant, vacation, activity, etc- I usually file it away and take it someday.

 For us small, close knit communities, these events should be our time to shine! We get to showcase our best and show off our love for Boonville. This includes all of us being ambassadors for our community and helping visitors feel welcome. So, if you are out during the weekend enjoying one of our great events, be sure to lend a helping hand and a smile to those visitors who may have puzzled looks on their faces. We all will get a chance to practice our ambassador skills this weekend during the Heritage Days festivities. Help make Boonville shine this weekend! Play Local, Shop Local and Go Boonville!