Growing up, almost every kid wants to be a professional athlete. For me, it was baseball. I wanted to be a baseball player for as long as I could remember.
But, as I got older, I realized I did not possess the gift of being athletically inclined. I tried, but I just wasn't good enough.
I wanted a way to stay involved in the game, so I tried everything. I worked as an umpire for one year. I worked in the Oakland A's ticket office for seven years. I coached little league, I announced high school softball (and football) games. I sold concessions. I did everything, then I found my way to writing.
I loved it and that has been my career path ever since.
However, this year I decided to get back in the game with church league softball. The folks at Immanuel Baptist welcomed me and my family with open arms and I have been having a great time playing on their softball team.
However, in last night's game, I remembered why I am a writer and not a player. I am horrible! I went 0-for-4 in the first game. I made a few errors in left field and then moved to right field. I made a great catch over there, but added a few more errors.
By the end of the game, I had fallen to 1-for-10 on the season. It was our third straight loss. I started joking with my team on how I suddenly remembered why I am a writer and not a player. But, hey, they have been great and I have been having fun.
Things were a little different in the second game. Yes, we played a double header last night. I was 3-for-4 with two doubles while driving in five runs. I also scored twice. That was my best game of the season and we won! We avenged our season opening loss by beating the opposition 27-11.
I will never quit playing. I love the game too much. I will give it my all every chance I have. I had my moment in the second game. The one that tells me to keep going out there, playing my heart out and having fun. And like the saying goes, "even a broken clock is right twice a day."
Until next week.