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June 5, 2013 5:25 p.m.

Today, I was given my first official project! I have been given the task of writing a small article each week, and though it is small, this prospect is extremely exciting! I will be writing about things to do for families in the area. I’ve already done some research on the topic and I think it will be beneficial for me in multiple ways, as I am discovering things for myself to do on summer afternoons too. It’s amazing all the things you pass everyday and never know about when you live somewhere. Perhaps it isn’t as boring as I thought here!†
Besides my new project, I also have this blog of course. I am starting to get into the groove, if you get what I’m saying, on it. It is quite enjoyable! Who doesn’t love to write down their experiences as if other people will read them attentively though? Maybe not everyone, but I really do.†
I look forward to the coming days as I progress on my assignment, hopefully getting to take some pictures as well, and of course keeping everyone in the loop with this blog!
Until next time!

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