Vince Mankowski recently talked about the history of Industry at LIONS club. He made some excellent points about business, education and industry in the US.

Vince Mankowski talked about how we have eliminated the bulk of industry in our country. Sure unions and regulations were needed at one time, but now industry is so over-regulated that we've virtually eliminated jobs and manufacturing work in our country.

Now our country is more service based. We are importing more and more. This means we could be at a disadvantage at some point (if not already) because we don't manufacture that much of anything. This week I found myself talking with a printer in China to get a book published for one of my clients. The cost - even including overseas shipping - is much lower than I can get in the states.

I can see both sides and wonder if we have priced ourselves out of the American market. We have insisted on high salaries and wonderful benefits for a little too long. Both are going away. More companies in the US are not offering benefits and salaries are decreasing while unemployment rates rise. It's a rocky new path we're on as we become a more global economy.

My passion is to help businesses start, grow and succeed. I see how difficult it is for even a small business to open. It's time to look at our regulations and make sure they are still relevant today. It should be easier to start and run a business. That will help sales tax in our communities and enable us to be more productive and hire more people.