The project: An assortment of work is planned, including the installation of storm water drainage on North Main, the construction of new sidewalks, curb and gutters on North Main, plus the grading and overlaying of the Main Street driving surface.

What’s happening: “We’re actually finishing up the first phase of the storm sewer trunk line on the west side of the road (Main Street). We’re also getting ready to put in a little bit of trunk line into the parking lot city-owned parking lot on the west side,” said Brian Chaplin, project manager for the city of Hannibal. “We’re still moving with the project fairly well.”

What’s next: “Hopefully next week by Tuesday or Wednesday we’ll start removing sidewalk on the west side and get it replaced, that way we’ll be out of everybody’s way this weekend for the Twain on Main Festival,” said Chaplin.

Anticipated cost: Bleigh Construction’s original bid was $828,000. When the design of the project was revised, it required passage of a construction change order by the City Council of an addittional $196,654.

When engineering and design service contracts, plus a handful of other related costs are factored in, another $215,000 is added to the project’s total cost.

Who’s paying: The state has designated $353,034 for the project. A portion of the construction costs will be split between the city and North Main property owners, who in 2011 agreed to help offset a funding shortfall by paying a special assessment.

Projected date for completion: The latest estimate is that much of the work will take until around Thanksgiving of this year.

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