WHAT IS IT? The city of Hannibal’s flood gates were removed on Wednesday by Street Department personnel. With the river receding the decision was made to pull all five gates.

For the first time in just over a month, the public has vehicular access to the city of Hannibal’s riverfront. All five of the city’s gates were removed Wednesday morning by Street Department personnel.
John Hark, the city’s emergency management director, said this was the third time he had planned to have the gates removed.
“The first two times I made that decision Mother Nature changed my mind so we couldn’t get them pulled,” he said.
Hark is confident in his decision.
“The river is still forecast to drop over the next couple or three days.With that drop it’s going to have us down to 18 feet or below. We can stand a pretty good jump and we’d still have time to go back in if it became necessary,” he said.
Despite the fact the 300 block of Main Street is closed to traffic, it didn’t hinder the removal of the gates.
“If we had five blocks of streets closed down, if we had to, we would find a route and get it done,” Hark said.