Nothing is official.

No one really knows what roared through.

But what is clear is Mother Nature's heavy toll on Hannibal Monday night with damaging winds, heavy rain and a destructive path.

Power lines are down, trees are uprooted and many buildings, businesses and homes are damaged. It isn't clear if it was the work of two tornadoes or just the remnants of the devastating storm that rocked Moore, Oklahoma and made it's way northeast to Hannibal area.

Area Emergency Manager John Hark assembled all emergency personnel at the Marion County 911 offices Monday night and kept track of the storms passing through the area.

"I've got all my ducks in a row," Hark said Monday night, giving a brief update.

Sheriff's department authorities, Hannibal Police, just about each emergency entity was represented and observing all of the information coming into the 911 office so every bit of information could be assessed.

Power was out in all of Hannibal for several hours and many are still without power this morning. Statistics from the Hannibal Board of Public Works were not available.

Streets were backed up where stop lights would normally control traffic flow. The red, yellow and green lights all went dark.

Hark said there were no fatalities that he knew of Monday night along with no catastrophic injuries.

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